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The inspiration for a personal trainer may be due to a combination of background issues. The most common for active gym-goers or sportspeople is an injury. The pain becomes excruciating enough that you cannot stand to use the gym in the typical fashion. How can you go about getting a personal trainer?

Choosing a personal trainer

The first considerations for personal trainers near Burbank are exercise and convenience. It is best to get a trainer who will not put you through 200 burpees and no other variation for a helpful workout. Most people get a personal trainer through an online portal, while others are lucky enough to leave the gym with a personal trainer. We make it easy for you to get a Strength Code trainer who is in your league.

What will you get in the first session?

The experience of a first session with a Burbank personal trainer is different for every person. However, certain elements are relatively consistent because both parties are getting better acquaintanted with one another. You may feel anxious about starting a private workout routine, but our experienced Strength Code Trainers will make you feel at ease.   The first session will include a comprehensive consultation where you will discuss your exericise experience, goals and any injuries or issues you may be concerned with. 


Best Burbank CA personal trainers will administer several different tests to develop a custom program. The tests will typically be in alignment with your fitness goals. These tests gauge the current fitness state and work great in enhancing your fitness needs. Examples of assessments include the following:

  • Movement screen to test the range of motion and flexibility
  • Composition assessment like posture, weight, and height
  • Postural assessment
  • Muscular strength
  • Blood pressure

The personal trainer in Hollywood will also assess your mental and emotional state to understand your need for seeking private training sessions. Are you looking to get healthier? Perhaps you want to tone your body after massive weight loss or want to lose fat weight as you get more muscle definition. It is a good idea to have your goals in mind in preparation for the consultation.

Form filling

The Strength Code will offer a couple of forms for you to fill out, so you can have the following details for reference during your training sessions:

  • Liability waiver – The form protects the trainer and gym in the event of an accident or gym. The disclaimer also includes a request for you to agree to the terms of services.
  • Physical activity questionnaire – The PAR-Q is the quickest way to identify your reasons for joining a gym.
  • Medical history – The questionnaire will offer you the chance to include details of your medical past. This information is essential in ensuring the trainer only includes exercise that keeps you safe.


The final stage is the most anticipated; the workout. The personal fitness trainer in Burbank will introduce the newbie client to machines and demonstrate exercises that will slowly warm you up. Sheila Melody or another of the personal trainers will lead you to more challenging activities as you progress while ensuring the right form and effects from advanced techniques. Contact our personal training company near Hollywood and Burbank via 818-736-5233 to book an appointment for in-studio or virtual sessions.


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