Failure is the Only Option at The Strength Code

At The Strength Code, our motto is Failure is the ONLY option!  So what do we mean by that?  

Well, first of all, when we talk about Failure – we mean Success!  Okay, that’s kind of confusing – so let’s start from our mission.  

We want to help you discover your body’s “strength code”  — the exact level of exercise intensity needed to stimulate your muscles to strengthen and grow.  

In our reality, the key to building strength and muscle is not trying to see how much your body can withstand –

– it’s discovering how little it actually requires.  

Each person has an exercise Threshold, which is a minimum level of intensity needed to stimulate your body to strengthen and grow your muscle.  If your exercise intensity is too little, you won’t reach that threshold and your muscles won’t be stimulated to grow.  It’s like partially turning on a light switch – you make an effort, but not enough to click the switch.  But once that light is on, you don’t need to keep flipping that switch again and again.  

With each exercise we do here – we are looking for that threshold.  What will it take to flip that switch in that muscle group?  

The Strength Code method uses slow motion.  In other words, you will be moving slowly, lifting and lowering the heavy weight, in perfect form, while isolating a muscle group. 

Your muscles have 3 types of fibers – slow twitch, medium twitch and fast twitch.  Those slow twitch fibers are the ones that you use all day long.  They take a little longer to fatigue, but with continuous motion, lifting and lowering, after about a minute you will start to feel it getting more difficult. That means those slow twitch fibers are fatigued and now the medium twitch fibers come into play.  The medium twitch fibers fatigue quicker and now, it’s getting so difficult that you want to stop.  Don’t give up!  That’s when those fast twitch fibers kick in! Those are the muscle fibers that get you across the finish line.  You rarely touch those fast twitch fibers when you’re doing sets of reps and resting in between.  

With our method of continuous slow motion lifting and lowering – your muscle fibers have no time to rest and recover! 

Eventually, every single muscle fiber is completely fatigued.  That means they’ve used all the available energy and just cannot move any more. Hold on, we’re not finished yet!  That’s when we ask you to push for 10 more seconds – the Threshold Push.  

And that’s failure. 

It’s when your muscle fibers have completely fatigued and have no more energy left.  And that’s when we have achieved the right amount of intensity to stimulate your muscles to grow and strengthen.  Now you just have to go home, rest and recover and let your body do it’s magic.  

That’s effective exercise. 

If the stimulus was intense enough, and if you allow enough recovery time, those muscle fibers will then heal and overcompensate  — or grow.  

The next time you come in, you’re stronger!