It safe to train so intensely?

We do everything in our ability to make the work out as safe as possible.  Safety remains our number highest priority: studios are designed to encourage focus, machines are equipped so that the weight is lighter where the muscle is weakest, and most importantly each client has a personal trainer’s undivided attention while performing each exercise.  We are always conscious of the fact that excessive force is the primary cause of almost all acute injuries.  The risk of injury does not come from the intensity of exercise, but from the inertial forces associated with swift acceleration, reckless movements, and sudden changes in speed and direction.

In physics we learn that force=mass x acceleration.  

Therefore, the decrease in the acceleration we use in HIT is not only more effective in building muscle, but it also greatly reduces the force while remaining at a high intensity required for positive adaptation in the body.  Clearly muscular failure is quite uncomfortable, but we strive to maintain a controlled environment which promotes focus and attention, and increases the level of care and safety involved in HIT.