What are the factors for success in HIT?

Simply put:

  1. Focus – it’s necessary that the client maintains attentive focus in order to work past the distractions of physical discomfort and to complete a perfect repetition each time.
  2. Calm – the client should also remain calm in order to forgo the mental anxiety that some times occurs during extreme exertion.
  3. Consistency – this is less about lifting as much weight as possible for as many repetitions as possible; rather, it is about achieving perfection in form, speed, and breathing.
  4. Logical Thinking – to think about the science and results which support the efficacy of HIT
  5. Determination – For this a client needs to maintain the determination of a champion athlete.  What does that imply? We suggest that the client be committed to the appointments, to working as hard as they can, focusing on diet and lifestyle outside of the gym, and to making great health and ideal fitness a routine part of their life.