What should I do to warm up before HIT?

Our muscles remain at a normal body temperature at all times.  Contrary to conventional wisdom, our muscles don’t need to warm up beyond normal body temperature. Once our body begins to produce sweat, our muscles have already passed beyond their ideal operating temperature. Our joints and muscles do require a degree of care and lubrication during exercise, but the most efficient way to achieve this is to slowly begin the actual exercise … which we do as a matter of principle in HIT.  

Recall that HIT minimizes inertial forces and therefore the stresses on our joints. The repetitions of any HIT exercise are performed so slowly that sufficient time is given to the joints, ligaments, and tendons to lubricate and warm up.  We advise against any sort of steady state activity as a warm up before the workout. Doing so serves only to increase your body temperature past the ideal point, sap your strength, and compromise your workout.