Get Your Wellness Woo-Woo with Sheila’s Podcast

Have you listened to Sheila’s podcast Sound Mind & Body

If you’re looking for something a little different in the wellness world, you might want to give it a listen! 

 72 episodes that explore the many different ways to stay healthy, balanced and well of mind, body and spirit, in today’s crazy world, with a dash of woo-woo!  

The podcast features discussions on a variety of health and wellness topics including alternative practices and therapies such as Eidetic Imagery, Energy Healing, Breath Work, Hypnotherapy, and Sound Healing, to more practical topics such as Financial Health, Single Parenting, Functional Medicine, Meditation, Mental Health and many more! 

In each episode, Sheila asks her guests the Sound Mind & Body questions which prove to be both entertaining, and enlightening — 

What’s a Favorite Sound? Favorite Memory? Favorite Place?  And the question that’s the most interesting —

What’s the most “woo-woo” think you’ve ever done? 

No matter the guest or the topic, these episodes are intriguing and informational. 

So….. what IS the most “woo-woo” thing you’ve ever done???  

Explore. Enlighten. Evolve.