Body Composition Analysis
We are very excited to announce that we’re now offering comprehensive Body Composition Testing at our studio. This comprehensive analysis will help us to keep you on track to achieve your fitness goals.  You’ve heard us say that weight alone is not the full picture of your fitness profile.  With this new test, we can take a deeper look at what you’re really made of — Muscle Mass %, Body Fat %, Hydration Levels, Energy Expenditure and more.

Monitoring is key to changing our habits.

We understand that you may not want to get on that scale and take a look at these numbers, but we promise this is going to motivate you to actually create the change you want in your life.  So to ease the stress, during the month of March, we are offering all our clients One Free Body Composition Test.  This test takes about 15 minutes, so please ask your Trainer to schedule your Free Test as soon as possible. With each analysis you will receive a full comprehensive report that your Trainer will go over with you to set new goals.  Once we have that baseline report, we can track your progress with each new Body Composition test that you do.
After your free Test you can purchase an additional test for $25 each — or the next time you renew your session package you will now receive one Body Composition Test per month. It’s included in all new session packages.  And speaking of new session packages….

NEW! One Year Package

We are now offering a 52 Session package — one full year of your weekly workouts at the best price!  You can purchase it in full, or make 12 monthly payments of $260.  Now you can get your Cyber 6 Pack pricing all year!  Ask your Trainer about renewing your sessions at this great price.

24 Hour Cancellation Policy 

Just a friendly reminder that all our sessions have a 24 Hour Cancellation policy.  Up until now, we have been very lenient about enforcing this, but as we are getting busier, we must enforce this policy.  So, please let us know the day before if you cannot make your appointment, or it will be deducted from your sessions.

 Don’t Forget Our Perks and Massages! 

Yes, we have to get a little strict about our cancellation policy, but we also have some great perks!  If you sign up for Perkville, you’ll earn points for every session, for posting on Facebook and Twitter, and for referring your friends!  You can redeem your points for Free Sessions, Body Composition Tests, or even a Free Massage!

By the way, if you haven’t tried our amazing Massage Therapist, Josie yet — you are in for a treat!  We have Massage Packages available for great prices – purchase online here! Give yourself a treat and make your appointment for a massage today.   Call the studio, talk to your Trainer or simply reply to this email.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals this year!

Best in health,

The InForm Fitness Toluca Lake Team