The latest addition to our studio is the Strength Code RX Isometric machine. This is the next evolution of fitness, using Isometric strength training methods and real time graphing of exercise data to provide the simplest, safest, and most time-efficient way to strengthen your entire musculoskeletal system.  

One of the main benefits of Isometric Training is that the body is able to activate nearly all the available motor units - something that is usually very difficult to do. With our Strength Code RX machine, we can exercise all the major muscle groups, and track your progress with computer data output that is stored from each session.  Using this data, we will customize your workouts to be the most optimal for your unique body.   

These 15 minute sessions won’t leave you sore or tired, as they stimulate the Central Nervous System in a different way than traditional strength training methods.  Central Nervous System fatigue is easily hidden, and in fact it can take the nervous system up to five times longer to recover than the muscular system, so the effects of isometric training can last a long time after your session.

“With motionless protocol, you can stimulate strength and size increases that are at least equal to those obtainable with full-range training, and since muscle building is the goal, if it can occur with the least amount of wear and tear possible, this is a desirable option.”  - Dr. Doug McGuff

Gym studio Burbank, CA interior view of high end strength training equipment.
Gym studio Burbank, CA interior view of high end strength training equipment.

Weight Loss

Rapidly Gain Muscle & Burn Fat
Replaces all other exercise
Under 5 minutes of Exercise Per Week


Bone Density Increases Quickly
Safe for Seniors
No Risk of Injury


Stimulate New Muscle/Bone Growth
Safe for all fitness Levels
Improves All Objective Measures of Age


No Risk of Injury
Rapid Rehabilitation
Safe for Seniors

Sports Training

Fastest Strength Training Workout
No Risk of Injury
Rapid Strength Gains
Focus instead on Sport-Specific training

Fighting Age Related Muscle Loss

As you age you will begin to lose muscle and that is a fact. It’s not just that you will lose muscle mass and that toned look you had in your youth either. As you reach the age of 40, your muscles will also begin to lose their mobility and flexibility, something which no one wants to experience. Another thing that slows down as you age is the ability to digest amino acids.

This also has the effect of slowing down the time it takes for our muscles to recover, yet another thing which we would all rather avoid. All of these things mean that as you age, physical activity becomes harder and harder.

Well, isometric exercises are great because they build muscle strength and endurance. Isometric exercises are a great way to keep or regain your muscle strength, endurance, and mobility as you age. These types of exercises become more and more important the older you get, so you should definitely consider starting as soon as possible.

Muscle Activation

One of the biggest benefits to be had from doing isometric exercises is that they provide you with the highest amount of muscle activation. Muscle Activation refers to your muscle’s recruitment of motor units and the more motor units you can recruit, the better and stronger your muscles will be.

Recent studies have shown that maximal isometric exercises recruit up to five percent more of these motor units than any other type of exercise. In other words, intense isometric exercises utilize about 95 percent of your muscles, as opposed to about 88 – 90 percent that other exercises utilize.

Over a long period of time, this means that your muscles will live up to their true potential and use as much of their mass as possible when engaged in physical activity. Another thing that this type of muscle activation can do for you is to permanently train your muscles to work at their full potential. Isometric exercises help recruit motor units and in the end that means having stronger muscles that can work a lot harder.

Muscle Rehabilitation

Isometric exercises can drastically reduce the recovery period of muscles.  After you have injured muscles or joints, especially after you have gone through surgery, your muscles need time to heal. However, that does not mean that your muscles need to rest all that much.

Isometric exercises are a great way to rehabilitate your muscles and joints slowly without causing them too much strain. Isometric exercises are especially good for people who are in the process of recovering from joint problems.  

This is because isometric exercises do not require the movement of your joints. Therefore you can strengthen your muscles while not putting your joints at risk. This also means that isometric exercises are ideal for people who suffer from bone issues or people who are elderly and can’t handle very intense exercise anymore.

Muscle Strengthening

One of the best parts about isometric exercises is that they help to improve muscle strength and muscle size. Part of the reason as to why isometric exercises are vital for strengthening muscles is because of the increased tension that your muscles experience during isometric exercises. When your muscles stay tensed for a prolonged period of time there are various chemicals and compounds which stay in your muscles, things which make them grow.

The longer you tense the muscles, the lower the blood flow is, and the longer these muscle growing factors will stay within the walls of your muscles, therefore making them grow more. It is shown that doing a high number of contractions will increase muscle strength. It is also shown that holding the contractions for longer will help to increase muscle mass.

Simply put, isometric exercises involve flexing your muscles and pushing against an immovable object, therefore strengthening your muscles with minimal movement and effort. Regular isometric training can actually strengthen your muscles by up to 5 percent every single week, up to 40 percent in a 10 week period.