Muscle is Potent Anti-Aging Medicine

As a Strength Training Specialist working with hundreds of clients over the last 10 years I have learned one very important fact.…

Muscle is Potent Anti-Aging Medicine.

Here’s why;

Most of us start experiencing loss of muscle in our 30’s eventually causing a condition called “sarcopenia” as we age.

Sarcopenia, Greek for “poverty of flesh,” is both a contributor and a direct result of aging and the root cause of disorders such as insulin resistance, hormonal imbalance, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and increased body fat. Other factors that cause loss of muscle include not having enough quality protein in your diet, hormonal changes, increased inflammation, and even social isolation, loneliness and depression can play a role.

All of this can be avoided, or at least minimized by adding strength training into your exercise routine.

Can you build muscle without strength training? Well, you may think you are doing so while walking, running or biking, but those are aerobic activities and they do not build lean muscle mass effectively.

I like to think of strength training as “Strength-care” as it is the foundation for overall health and fitness.

Strengthening our muscles raises our metabolism to support the new muscle tissue and burns more calories. Strong muscles help internal organs operate more efficiently.  Our tendons and bones must strengthen to support the new muscle making you more resistant to injury. New muscle stimulates the heart to supply blood and nutrients to support it.

Taking care of our muscle and strength is the most important anti-aging medicine we can give ourselves.

By far the safest and most efficient way to strengthen our muscles is by practicing slow motion high-intensity strength training. Your muscle fibers require a level of intensity to stimulate growth and create the change you desire and the slow motion method achieves that in an extremely safe and efficient way.

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