Open Gym Burbank

The Strength Code in Burbank is open to serve everyone trying to maintain strength during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Our gym is a safe place to practice high-intensity training, which is a form of strength training. These exercises are brief, occasional, and intense. We also offer virtual training sessions.

  • Personal Training

At our gym, once or twice a week sessions are recommended. They are by appointment only, no walk-ins. The Strength Code is open Monday-Friday from 7 am to 7 pm and on weekends from 8 am to 5 pm. That gives plenty of time for you to squeeze in our workouts. Choose from 5 different contracts; Strength Code 1X membership, Strength Code 2X membership, Strength Code RX Isometric, Strength Code Virtual membership, and Strong at Home O Demand.

  • Isometric Training

Our gym uses the Strength Code RX Isometric machine. This is the best way to strengthen the musculoskeletal system. It exercises all of your major muscle groups and tracks your progress on a computer program that saves each training session’s data. This data will help customize your 15-minute workouts to strengthen your central nervous system like no other exercise routine. Isometric training can help you lose weight, ease osteopenia and osteoporosis symptoms, and fight the effects of aging.

  • Body Composition

This is the first step in your fitness plan; we need to fully understand your body and potential health risks before training can begin. The test will reveal shifts in fat mass, muscle mass, and hydration levels. It is non-invasive and only takes 17 seconds.

  • Healthy Living

Our gym uses the Arbonne ’30 Days to Healthy Living’ program. This program will teach you to eat whole, nutrient-dense foods that will decrease unhealthy food cravings. It will increase your nutrient absorption and remove toxins from vital organs (kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract, lungs, and skin. Products are certified vegan, low glycemic, and do not have genetically modified ingredients. Weight loss, increased energy, and reduced cholesterol are just a few of this program’s benefits.

We are offering two sessions for only $50 at our gym. It comes with a comprehensive fitness consultation, an initial workout with one of our trainers, a body composition analysis, and a second session the following week. The first session takes an hour, while every other session takes 30 minutes. You must fill out a health history questionnaire before your first appointment.

Your trainer will discuss your exercise and injury history, fitness goals, and anything else that will help create a suitable workout routine. The initial workout is performed on our gym’s specialized equipment. It takes more time than a regular session because the trainer must decide which weights are proper. The second session will give you a deeper intensity level because you will know exactly how to use the equipment. Your trainer will watch your form, coach you, and make sure you are truly benefiting from the workout.

For more information, please call 818-736-5233 or fill out your information on our contact page for more information. You can also send a private email message to You can book an appointment for in-person or virtual training.

Open Gym Burbank

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Open Gym Burbank

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