Trainer Joseph Altamirano - John Lichtwardt PhotographyJoseph Altamirano has been a personal trainer since 1998 and has been following the slow motion strength training method since nearly that same time. Having built a personal training practice using this method with many clients, Joseph was invited to join the team in 2013. 

As part of his own fitness training background, Joseph says he is a student of practically everything written on the subject of exercise by Nautilus inventor Arthur Jones, Dr. Ellington Darden, Mike Mentzer, and Ken Hutchins. In 1998 he passed the coursework at the International Association of Resistance Trainers (IART) and earned credentials as a Certified Exercise Practitioner II in Prescribed Exercise methodology.

Other fitness and strength training experiences include Mike Mentzer’s Heavy Duty, Static Contraction Training, and Big Beyond Belief (Periodization). “Mike Mentzer’s Heavy Duty,” says Joseph, “helped me to understand the importance of taking a set of strength training exercise to the point of momentary muscular failure. I learned to identify that exercise was a form of stress to the body that served to stimulate a positive adaptive response, and that these biological changes would manifest only if I carefully regulated the volume and frequency of these high-intensity workouts.” Static Contraction Training, he says, also gave him a greater appreciation for the importance of progressive overload.

After finishing his studies with IART and using Ken Hutchins’ SuperSlow protocol guidelines to help him pass his practical exam, he began training all friends and relatives who would allow him to in this same fashion. “Ever since then, I have been on the lookout for fellow exercise instructors who share an appreciation for this particular fitness ideology with the hopes of learning from them and eventually working alongside them to help educate the masses about the universal benefits of slow motion, progressive resistance, high-intensity strength training.”


“In my studies at university,” says Joseph, “I took preparatory coursework for students aiming to become nurses and/or physical therapists. Slow motion strength training is consistent with all the knowledge that I’ve acquired studying biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, and human physiology. And since I’ve been training in this manner continuously for over 15 years, my ability to attain and maintain the fitness level that I currently enjoy is a testament to the system. This is how I’m able to play Dodgeball games with kids 20 years younger than me AND still DOMINATE!!!”

Joseph says he loves to work with people who underestimate the necessity of strength training in achieving their fitness goals. Most of his clients are surprised by the radical departure from conventional thinking that this type of training represents. ”The once-a-week workout frequency, compared to mainstream exercise prescriptions, is too hard to believe, at first. Then, after having gone through an actual workout, new trainees are scratching their heads wondering why the fatigue that would normally be experienced after two hours of physical exertion is being felt after just 20 minutes lifting weights. When the physical results start manifesting to the point where friends and relatives are starting to notice (loss of body fat, improvement in muscle tone, fitting better in clothing, etc.), clients are extremely happy that they listened to me and are eager to tell anybody else who will listen.”


Our gym facility in Burbank, he says, is also ideal. “Most of my clients that have gone through training with me on sub-par equipment really appreciate the value of the medical-grade SuperSlow retrofitted MedX exercise machinery designed for the ideal execution of the protocol. They know the ugliness of training on equipment with lots of friction. They are aware of the discomfort of using machinery that is not engineered in a biomechanically correct way. They also like not having the distraction of too many people in the room to adversely affect their workout for any number of reasons.”

“Our studio is literally super cool! I love the fact that the A/C is on and that the environment is both dry and cool for the purposes of optimizing human muscle performance and the prevention of unnecessarily profuse sweating.”


When asked why someone should sign up with us, Joseph offers a bulleted list:

  • To become better educated about one’s fitness improving options.
  • To build beautiful lean muscle safely and efficiently.
  • To save time and money.
  • To save his/her body from the debilitating injuries all too common with other fitness modalities.
  • To improve athletic performance.
  • To preserve one’s ability to move and improve the quality of his life during his later years.
  • To experience what genuine one-on-one personal exercise instruction is really like.


“With our method, the harder you are willing to work, the more productive your workouts can be. Whatever you’re level of scientific understanding, I will always strive to educate you in a manner that will maximize your comprehension of the protocol. Once armed with the knowledge and confidence, I will demand AND get you to perform to the best of your ability each and every workout session.”