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Our Introductory Offer includes a comprehensive Consultation, BODY COMPOSITION Analysis, initial workout with one of our Certified Personal Trainers, and Second Session the following week, so you can experience this Amazing Method for yourself in two sessions . . .

What to Expect


The first session normally takes about an hour, but the typical weekly session is 30 minutes. You will complete a Health History questionnaire before your first appointment and your Personal Trainer will consult with you on your exercise history and experience, goals, injuries and any other issues that will help to design a workout that is perfect for you.

After the consultation, you will go through an initial workout using the specialized equipment in our exercise studio. This initial workout takes more time than a typical session as the Trainer must set you up in the equipment, and work with you to find the right weights to begin. You may achieve “muscle failure” at this first session, but normally you don’t go as deep as you are capable of, simply because you’re learning a different way to exercise.

Leg Press


The second session is very important. You know what to expect, and will most likely perform the exercises much better than the first time so you may experience a deeper intensity level. A big part of this method of training is overcoming the “fight or flight” feeling that you may experience in your mind when the intensity rises as you lift and lower the weights at a slow pace. Our Trainers with gently coach you to push past your perceived limits. We will never yell, or ask you to do anything you can’t do, but we will teach you how to take yourself there. The entire time you are exercising, we are watching your form, coaching you and making sure you get the most out of your workout.

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